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Freddy Tries Cock Docking!

Freddy is rock-hard, curious about docking
and ready to explode all over his face!

Freddy was hard before he even got undressed. He says that he doesn’t get a thrill out of showing off, but I don’t believe him. This young Latino was rock-hard and ready to go with a foreskin dripping pre-cum. He stropped down and got right to work on that hard cock covered tightly with foreskin. “Fuck!” Freddy was ready to burst immediately. He held back as long as he could, always on the edge. He played with his foreskin, pulling and stretching. That only got him harder! He wanted to try docking for the first time. Robert Chandler was more than happy to volunteer his cock cock to the experiment. Now they were both on the verge of exploding! Freddy threw his legs against the wall and let loose with a burst of jizz that soaked his face. Licking his lips, Freddy felt more satisfied than he’s even been in his life!

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Kieron and Ethan a hit!

I’m so glad people are loving Fantastic Foreskin’s newest video with Ethan Roberts and Kieron Knight. I love these guys. They’re so cool and they have some of the best foreskins I’ve even seen! Add the outdoor setting and the docking, and I could watch this one over and over again! I’ll share more pictures throughout the week. They’re some of my best!

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You’ll be in Foreskin Heaven!

Hot Duo on Fantastic Foreskin!


Kissing! Sucking! Docking! Stroking! Cumming! It’s all so much hotter when the guys have real chemistry. And these two hooded and handsome guys have as much chemistry as they have foreskin! (And they have a LOT of foreskin!) The guys are making out before the cameras are even rolling, sampling each other’s lean bodies by the waterfall under the summer sun. Then things really heat up! All-American Ethan Roberts pulls the underwear off of English-lad Kieron Knight and  explores his big uncut cock! The highlight is when the guys start docking, sliding their beautiful foreskins over each other, using the ‘skin to swallow the other’s cock-head, back and forth. And the double-foreskinned action doesn’t stop there!

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You’ll be in Foreskin Heaven!